20 Most Satisfying Pressure Washing Videos

Pressure washers are one of the best outdoor home maintenance tools you can have in your arsenal. With the flick of a switch you can blast away grime from almost any surface.

While using a pressure washer yourself is fun, it is also satisfying to watch others use this powerful tool.

Whether you are looking for new ways to use your pressure washer or are just interested in seeing some satisfying videos, you are sure to be amazed by the videos below.

1. Safety First


Before we jump head first into the world of pressure washing, it is important to cover some basic use and safety tips.

Always wear some form of protective eye gear, closed-toed shoes, and clothes you do not mind getting ruined.

Throughout the rest of these videos, you may see people handling the pressure washer incorrectly or dressed inappropriately for the task, but keep in mind, this tool is powerful enough to cause serious damage to people and possessions.

Always follow proper safety precautions when using a pressure washer yourself.

2. Pristine Playground

Playgrounds can get fairly dirty fairly fast. But they can get clean even faster with the help of a pressure washer.

The before and after of this video will blow your mind!

3. Lots of Leaves

Power washers are typically used to wash the dirt off of surfaces; however, power washing leaves is something you don’t see often.

Watch this video on double speed to see how the leaves on this driveway shape up against the pressure washer.

4. Squeaky Clean Sidewalks

As you walk down the sidewalk each day, chances are you do not notice the dirt and grime that has built upon the surface. Most sidewalks do not get washed frequently, or ever.

After watching this satisfying video you will want to wash every sidewalk or driveway you find yourself on. The results are incredible!

5. Green be Gone

Depending on where you live, moss and algae may be a big problem. If your front porch is starting to look more like the front lawn, a pressure washer could be the solution.

Watch how this pressure washer transforms an algae-covered patio into the talk of the neighborhood in this video!

6. Washing Walkways

The walkways around our homes see us at our cleanest, but also our dirtiest. Each day we track mud and debris onto these surfaces without even noticing it.

After watching this video, you might think twice about leaving your muddy shoes on the front porch.

7. Fence Face Lift

Pressure washing wood is one of this machine’s most satisfying uses. While the results are harder to see as you use the washer, the before and after pictures are astonishing.

Using a pressure washer on older wood cleans off the aged surface, giving the fence a renewed look. Watch this video to see this 30 year old fence get a facelift.

8. Fixing the Fence

This poor fence has seen better days. After enduring years of wear and tear, this fence is finally getting fixed.

Watch this video to see how a pressure washer can bring life back to your weather-damaged fence.

10. Bringing Back the Brick

Like wood, brick can start to lose some of its color with age. However, with a little bit of pressure washing your bricks can look just as good as they did the day they were laid.

Watch this video to see just how bright your bricks can be with some pressure washing.

Do be careful not to use too powerful a wand when spraying brick, you may see pieces of brick start to break and peel off. If this happens take a step back or switch to a lower pressure tip.

11. Move over Moss

As I mentioned earlier, algae and moss are more likely to be a problem in different parts of the world. This garden area is completely covered in moss as well as overgrown grass.

Watch as this garden is completely transformed in only a matter of minutes!

12. Happy House

Although this home is extremely well kept and there is not a breath taking end reveal, it is still satisfying to watch it get coated in soapy suds.

You can even rewind the video to see the rest of the property getting pressure washed too, but this is definitely the most satisfying part.

13. Very Dirty Vinyl

Vinyl fencing is the perfect surface of mold, mildew, and moss to grow. This can quickly turn your beautiful white fence into the monstrosity in the video above. However, with some power washing you can slay the beast.

Learn more about cleaning vinyl fences here: Will Bleach Damage a Vinyl Fence?

14. Quick Cleaning

In this video you do not see just one area getting cleaned with a pressure washer, but many!

Check out these extremely satisfying washes in the video above.

15. Unique Uses

Although pressure washers are commonly used for cleaning sidewalks and house siding, it can be used for a variety of projects.

Check out some unique uses for your pressure washer in this video.

16. Creative Cleaners

No matter how dirty a patio or home may be, it is no match for a pressure washer. Some cleaners even have fun writing or drawing in the dirt with their pressure washer.

Watch this cleaner get creative while cleaning a concrete patio!

17. Pressure Washing Pavers

The space between block pavers tends to collect an abundance of dirt, debris, and even plants.

The most efficient way to clean pavers this dirty is with a pressure washer. In this video, you will see the entire process of cleaning block pavers.

18. Mildew Mansion

This house has seen a lot of dirty days. While you might think a ladder and a scrub brush is the best way to clean this home, a pressure washer is a lot more efficient and safer.

19. Bunch of Blasts

This video shows just how much a pressure washer can do. This includes doodling in dirt and turn green bricks red!

20. Dirtiest Driveway

This driveway has not been used is probably years. Watch how this cleaner turns this grass lot back into a gorgeous drive way again.

If you feel inspired to bust out the pressure washer after watching these videos, be sure to wear proper protective gear and to record it for the rest of us to see the satisfying results.

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