Can You Put Hot Water Through THAT Pressure Washer?

Pressure washers (aka power washers) are very popular cleaning appliances. They have high water pressure, a variety of nozzle settings, and can be used for heavy-duty cleaning. But anyone who has washed dishes knows that hot water is usually the best option when it comes to removing grime and debris. So can pressure washers use hot water?

Some pressure washers can use hot water, but cold-water ones can be damaged by high temperatures. Some pressure washers can use both and most hoses can withstand temperatures of at least 140 degrees Farenheight. You should always use caution when handling pressure washers that run on hot water.

Obviously using heated and highly pressurized water will come with a few inherent risks. But it can also make your cleaning go faster and more efficient. Read below to learn more about the benefits of using hot water, safety tips, and some of the best hoses for managing heated water.  

Hot Water Pressure Washer Tips

Pressure washers come in many forms and the majority of them have some kind of hot-water capabilities. They can be heated by diesel, heating modules, natural gas, or electricity. Many models have a heating unit directly attached to the power washer, so there’s no heat loss while it travels through a hose. 

Because of this added feature, hot pressure washers are usually more expensive than their cold-water counterparts. This is a factor that all first-time buyers should take into account. Consider renting a power washer before you buy so you can test the effectiveness of different brands and types.

You should also consider what you’ll mainly be using the pressure washer for. If it’s for stains and grease spills in a garage, hot water might be best. If you want it for breaking apart icy buildup or washing your siding, cold water will work just fine. 

It’s important to remember that some power washers can use hot and cold water, but not all of them. Filling up a cold pressure washer with hot water can cause damage to its structure and functionality. You could end up destroying it and be left with a wasted investment. If you want to use hot water, it’s best to buy a hot-water unit. Dirt and dust can easily be handled by a cold washer as well, so weigh the costs and benefits of both types. 

Hot water pressure washers often produce steam as well. This can be useful when you want a deep clean or when you’re dealing with a heavy-duty stain. You need to be extra careful when dealing with superheated steam though, so make sure you always wear protective clothing, eyewear, and close-toed shoes during power washing. 

You should always wear protective gloves when you power wash as well. Even though many hoses are insulated and can handle the high temperatures, the heat can still transfer through the material and burn your hands. Because of this, it’s a good idea to treat a hot water pressure washer like a hot pan.

Hot Water Benefits

You’ve probably heard all your life that it’s better to wash your hands with hot water instead of cold water. This is true and hot water has a lot of cleaning benefits! That’s why a lot of cleaning appliances use hot water, including dishwashers and laundry machines.

Power washers are no exception! Hot water, plus pressure creates a powerful cleaning force. Hot water has a few other benefits as well that make it an appealing choice. 

  1. Lifts Dirt And Grease Faster

Hot water helps to loosen buildups of grime and debris faster than cold water. In some cases, it might seem like it’s even melting off! Cool water can solidify greasy stains while hot water removes them. 

  1. Activates Detergents And Cleaning Products

Many cleaning products are designed to be used with warm/hot water. When they’re combined, it makes it easier for the detergent to activate and saturate the water. Hot water causes the molecules to move faster, which speeds up the reaction time. 

  1. Kills Germs, Mold, And Bacteria

Cleaning products are all well and good, but the temperature of the water itself can actually act as an effective detergent as well. If the temperature is high enough, water can kill germs, mold, and bacteria. Cold-water might blast off the majority of the surface stains, but lingering spores and debris can cause the problem to return shortly. 

  1. Speeds Up Overall Cleaning Time

Finally, cleaning with hot water makes your job easier! Due to its combination of faster detergent activation, grease removal, and bacteria removal, hot water speeds up the whole process of cleaning. You won’t need to spend as long on maintenance, and you can rest assured that the majority of the problematic bacteria has been killed. 

Best Hot Water Pressure Washer And Hose

If you do end up choosing a hot water pressure washer, you’ll want to pick a model that’s hardy and high-quality. There are a variety of different brands and model options, but I’ve compiled what I consider to be the best pressure washer and hose for handling hot water. Asking friends and neighbors for recommendations is always a good idea too.

Easy-Kleen Professional (Gas – Hot Water) Gear-Drive Pressure Washer

Easy-Kleen is one of the top brands when it comes to high-quality pressure washers. They specialize in hot water models and this unit is a great addition to their lineup. It has a powerful 350,000 BTU burner that can quickly heat water for cleaning. It also has wheels and a compact frame to make it easier to transport.

Visit the product page here to see more details and customer reviews. 

InterChange Gray Non-Marking Pressure Washer Hose With Quick Couplers

The Interchange pressure washer hose is a great option to choose if you need a new replacement for your washer. It can withstand temperatures up to 275 degrees Farenheight and has a grey outer coating that won’t bleed or stain surfaces. It’s also 100 feet long, so it’s perfect for cleaning areas that are hard to reach. 

Visit the product page here to see more details and customer reviews. 

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